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Student Agency

What is Student Agency?

Student agency refers to learning that puts the student in the driver's seat. Students become 'agents' of their own learning when their own ideas, styles, interests and thinking influence what and how they learn. 

At Reynella Primary School, student agency is built through our enduring focus on Creating Cultures of Thinking. We believe learning is a consequence of thinking. Therefore, our teachers aim to design learning opportunities that stimulate deep, critical and creative thinking, inviting students to influence their learning in authentic and relevant ways. The benefits to this practice are thoroughly evidenced across the globe. By fostering the skills and dispositions necessary for rigorous, independent thinking, students are equipped to become passionate, life-long learners.

Student Voice

The voice of our student body is heard through our five Student Action Teams; Environmental, Citizenship, Communication, Wellbeing and STEM. Each year, selected students from years 3-6 represent their class as an action team member, contributing to our school community in a variety of ways. More about our unique student leadership model can be found via the link below...


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