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Support & Intervention

Student Support and Intervention 

At Reynella Primary School we are passionate about advocating for children who may need some additional support with their learning and ensuring that the support and intervention that we provide is informed by best practice that makes a difference. We offer ‘waves’ of intervention and this is targeted to individual student needs and their One Plan goals. We identify students who require additional support using data informed practices and track and monitor their growth, being responsive and intervening as necessary through working collegiately with Department of Education Support Services and Private Providers. We have a team of experienced Support Staff, who work either individually with students, or in small groups.

We offer a number of ‘Wave 2’ additional targeted interventions for small groups of students with a focus on literacy, numeracy and social skills, and also ‘Wave 3’ intensive and highly personalised, individual support to those students who meet the Department of Education Inclusive Education Support Program (IESP) eligibility criteria.

For more details, please see our Student Support & Intervention documents below... 

Student Support & Intervention Brochure.pdf

RPS Student Support and Intervention Overview.pdf


Aboriginal Education 

We are very fortunate to have an Aboriginal Community Education Officer (ACEO) based at the school full time who supports the learning and engagement of our Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Children. The role of the ACEO is to connect with children, families and community to ensure that they have access to learning and opportunities that develop a strong sense of cultural identity and connection to culture. Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander children are also supported by the ACEO through literacy and numeracy learning intervention.

The ACEO works with teaching staff to embed Aboriginal culture, histories and knowledge into the curriculum, and facilitates and raises awareness of culturally significant events.